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Love to Binge watch? Could it be leading to Back Pain?

Binge-watching programmes in bed could be to blame for your bad back.

The act of slumping whilst we watch our devices means we are not properly supporting our Spine or Head properly. This adds to extra strain on ligaments and muscles associated with these areas.

We can all be guilty of a bit too much binge watching in bed so here are some tips that might limit any long-term damage or short-term pain.

  1. Support your head. Sit upright with pillows behind you, or if you’re lying down ensure you have enough pillows to take your weight.

  2. Avoid twisting your body. Keep your back straight with pillow support behind you if you’re on your side. Engage your core to keep your posture straight.

  3. Keep your shoulders back and down if you’re sitting upright, not rounded or hunched. Don’t slouch to look at the screen, it should be at eye level the same as a correctly positioned screen when you’re at a desk.

  4. Add some stretches to your VIEWING routine. Put your hands above your head, reach up and at the same time stretch your feet down for a nice full body stretch. Also put your hands in the small of your back and push your chest out for a good lower back stretch.

  5. Try to charge up your tablet or phone before using it, so you don’t end up spooning the plug socket.

  6. Limit your phone or laptop use in bed. Definitely don’t do it just before bed, as it could interfere with your sleep cycle.

If you suffer bingers back or neck contact us on 5522 9333 or book online via our Book Now button.

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