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Sports Physio with Queensland Physio Group

Our Sports Physiotherapists at Queensland Physio Group aim to treat and assist in the complete rehabilitation of athletes following injury or surgery.


Our goal with our sports physiotherapy clients is to assist by helping to prevent further injury through restoring (or improving) the athletes strength, flexibility, postural control and endurance where necessary. Enabling their return to sport to be achieved both safely and in the shortest possible time.

Why visit a Sports Physio?

Some of the most common reasons that people visit a Sports Physio may include:

Treat pain, Sports Physio Therapy

Pain (Back, Shoulder,
Neck, hip etc)

Muscle Sprains Recovery

Muscle Sprains, Strains and Tears

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis or Bursitis

Reduce your pain

Reduced range in motion

Sport and workplace injuries rehabilitation

Sport and Workplace Injuries and Rehabilitation

Post-surgery rehabilitation

Rehabilitation following surgery

Pre and Post Natal care treatment

Pre and Post Natal Care

Maintain your health

Maintaining healthy movement into senior years

How is Sports Physiotherapy different to everyday Physiotherapy?

Injuries obtained in sport often do differ from everyday issues. There are significant demands placed upon an athlete’s body, injuries can occur around high-use areas or with sport related contact.

The repetitive nature of many sports means that specific structures are stressed on a continual basis.


As such, certain injuries become common amongst athletes in the same sport. Examples of these include Throwers Elbow, Tennis Elbow, and ACL ruptures in sports with quick changes of direction.

Adam Russell Sports Physiotherapy

What does a Sports Physiotherapist do?

A sports physiotherapist is a professional who deals with sporting injuries and offer spinal and sports physio care. A sports physiotherapist will use different treatment methods and strategies to best suit an athlete’s needs and performance goals.

Our sports physiotherapist can treat and manage athletes of all skill levels. Whether an Olympian or beginner, our sports physio team is committed to helping you achieve maximum performance so you can get back to training as soon as possible.


The role of physiotherapy in sports is to treat current injuries and prevent potential injuries. Our sports physiotherapy practice can treat injuries and get you back to your peak condition as soon as safely possible.

Working as your dedicated sports physiotherapist we use a range of different treatment strategies. Our treatments can include:

  • Manual therapy such as massage and joint mobilisation

  • Thermal treatment such as heat or cold therapy

  • Exercise, flexibility, and mobility program

  • Reloading strategies

  • Biomechanical analysis and correction

  • Strapping, taping, or bracing

A sports physiotherapist will also educate athletes on the cause and management of their injury, and how to minimise risk of re-injury.

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