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Pro Ice Treatment

Pro Ice is the latest treatment tool based around the principal of compressing and cooling an acute injury such as a sprain, strain, bruise or post operative area.

It uses the old theory of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) in a single unit that is wrapped around the affected body part, dramatically reducing swelling and pain, giving you a chance to return to the field sooner.

The unit pumps ice cold water around the entire area through a cuff that is wrapped around the affected part. The operator then sets the amount of pressure to be applied at the same time, which is cycled on and off for the treatment time. This is usually 15-20 minutes. This variation in pressure also helps to pump away fluid from the area, giving the tissues a chance to heal more quickly. It can be used multiple times per day, every day if indicated. Its main use is in the first few days after an acute injury to hurry up the body’s natural method of resolving the injury.

The benefits are a reduction in pain, bleeding and swelling, a cooling of tissues meaning their demand for oxygen is less and therefore they survive better and is an ideal way to begin the task of controlling acute injuries through ice and compression outside of the clinic.

The unit is made with hospital grade plastics meaning it is totally safe and disinfected between uses. It can be used over wounds which are covered appropriately, if indicated by the consulting surgeon.

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